Digital Sales Strategies

How Well Are You Connecting With Your Buyers?

Today’s technology offers sellers more ways to connect with buyers and drive the buying process. The Virtual Selling web series guides sellers to lead better virtual sales calls and provides tips for owning the buying process in between calls and meetings. Leveraging modern technology offers your buyers a better buying experience with less friction to give you an unfair advantage as a seller.


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Understand how the global shift to virtual communication has impacted the sales profession.

Frontstage selling is any activity, interaction or collaboration that is synchronous, occurring live, in real time, with the prospect or customer. 

Understand the best practices a salesperson can use to create a successful Frontstage selling experience.

Backstage selling is any activity, collaboration or communication that is asynchronous or independent, meaning that it’s not happening live nor in real time with the prospect or customer.

Understand the Backstage best practices a salesperson can implement to remain top-of-mind along the entire buying journey.

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Never Disconnect from Your Buyers Again

Applying in-person selling strategies to virtual environments simply doesn’t get it done. Virtual Selling offers a complete program dedicated to thriving in a digital sales environment. You’ll be more effective in virtual conversations while staying more connected to your buyers in between real-time interactions.


Always virtual. No full-day boot camps.

Virtual Selling is delivered through a series of video episodes featuring a panel of sales experts. Additional resources are provided to help you apply key concepts to everyday virtual interactions.



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