Modern Sales Foundations courses challenge the old ways of training salespeople.

Sales is an incredibly skilled profession, but most salespeople and sales teams don’t put in the work needed to excel in their craft. Since 2016, we’ve helped sales professionals master critical selling skills and maximize their performance as a result. 

We’ve developed a powerful formula to deliver one-of-a-kind sales training courses that make lasting improvements:

Methodologies focused on the most important differentiators of today’s top sales pros.
Engaging video format that keeps sellers engaged and brings concepts to life.
Spaced learning experience that ensures sellers remember and apply what they learn.
Guided implementation support to help your team get the most from your investment.


Each of the Modern Sales Foundations courses were developed by working closely with subject matter experts who know the topic inside and out. Each course includes insights and practical playbooks for mastering the nuances of today’s selling situations.

Mike Kunkle

Modern Sales Foundations
and Sales Coaching Excellence

Doug Wyatt

Modern Sales Foundations

Jason Levinson

Negotiation Quotient

Ed Wallace

Relationship Quotient

Heidi Priebe

Personality Quotient


Simply putting a sales expert in front of a camera doesn’t make for great entertainment, nor does it make for great training. So what does it take to build sales training that people actually love to watch?

When developing each of the Modern Sales Foundations courses, the SPARXiQ Studios team brought on writers, directors, producers, editors, and actors with extensive entertainment experience. 

Why? Because we know that’s what it takes for virtual learning formats to keep the audience’s attention. And when salespeople pay attention, they’re able to learn, remember, and apply new skills in everyday sitautions.

You know the difference when you see it.


Even the combination of studio-produced videos and proven methodologies doesn’t guarantee that a training course will provide measurable, real-world results.

That’s why Modern Sales Foundations courses also provide you with support materials and interactive exercises necessary to connect the dots and apply the sales approaches right away.

Learn a new concept or strategy, incorporate it, refine it, then move on to the next one. It’s a formula that works and will supercharge your team’s sales performance.

The Forgetting Curve of Traditional Training


Our Spaced Learning Approach

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