Customer-Centric Strategies.
Flexible and Adaptable.
Lasting Improvements.


Boost Sales Performance

Improve your team’s execution to enable predictable sales growth.

Achieve Team Consistency

Set a better baseline across your team to enhance every sales conversation. 

Adapt to Modern Selling

Equip your team with the strategies to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Trusted by Industry-Leading Sales Teams

Sales Training Done Differently

Since 2016, our innovative approach to developing sales skills has helped B2B sales teams achieve long-term performance improvements.


Complete Sales Methodology
Coaching Skills for Managers


"Taking a few days to do a training session takes a lot. So it was important for us to be able to take it in these small chunks, to help tie it into the day-to-day operations, without it feeling like a burden.”

"The feedback from our leaders and participants has been very positive and everyone has said they're gaining tremendous value from the training."

“I found it very engaging and loved the buyer-centric sales model behind it. Overall, a really great experience.”

“This is what sales training should look like. Amazing, insightful, and no fluff. It keeps your attention during the entire episode.”


Modern Sales Foundations courses help companies like yours grow revenue, expand margins, and drive sales team consistency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re flying solo or part of a team, our training programs are designed to accommodate and deliver results. Originally crafted for team engagements, we’ve now expanded access to individuals eager to elevate their sales skills. 

Our modern sales strategies universally apply to most B2B sales environments. A wide range of industries, including both goods and services, have successfully integrated our methodologies, attesting to their broad applicability and impact.

Absolutely! From seasoned veterans to fresh faces, our training is designed to enrich the skill set of every sales professional. Establishing a uniform understanding and approach within your team fosters cohesion and accelerates the onboarding of new members.

The different courses in the Modern Sales Foundations family are designed to move the needle in a variety of areas. Here are some examples:

  • Post-completion of the core Modern Sales Foundations program, companies achieved 10-18% sales growth. 
  • Participants of the Negotiation Quotient program have enjoyed margin enhancements of 1-2 percentage points, significantly boosting profitability.

We understand the challenge of capturing and maintaining sales teams’ attention virtually. That’s why our content is crafted to entertain as well as educate, featuring relatable scenarios, engaging characters, and a touch of humor, all packaged in a cinematic experience.

Our programs distill best practices derived from analyzing top performers and expert insights. While aligning with modern methodologies, our content adds more depth into key aspects, providing a fresh and enriched perspective.

The video episodes themselves cannot be customized, as they’ve been developed and produced at a Hollywood level. However, they introduce versatile frameworks and methodologies, empowering you to tailor insights to your unique customer interactions, supported by practical toolkits and exercises.

Absolutely! We offer flexibility in deployment. Whether integrating into your existing LMS or utilizing our platform complete with progress tracking, we ensure the training fits seamlessly into your infrastructure.

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