Negotiation Skills and Techniques

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Without professional negotiation skills, salespeople find themselves discounting and cutting into profits whenever buyers use simple tactics. Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches sales professionals the strategies and techniques needed to achieve better outcomes. Recognize and respond to buyer tactics. Preserve price points and margin. Create win-win outcomes and maximize satisfaction for both you and your buyers.


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Episode 1: Intro to Tactical and Competitive Negotiating

Episode 2: Scenario: The Limo Case

Episode 3: Negotiation Tactics

Episode 4: Understanding Pressure and Planning

Episode 5: How to Uncover Pressure

Episode 6: Setting Targets and Managing Expectations

Episode 7: Countering Common Tactics

Episode 8: How Tactics Influence Outcomes

Episode 9: Scenario: The Surf Case

Episode 10: Using Persuasion in Negotiation

Episode 11: How to Concede and Maximize Satisfaction

Episode 12: Scenario: The Stud Case

Episode 13: Maintaining Relationships

Episode 1: Intro to Transactional Negotiating

Episode 2: Scenario: The Song Case

Episode 3: Planning Transactional Negotiations

Episode 4: Making Transactional Concessions

Episode 5: Approaches for Negotiation Tactics

Episode 6: Using Transactional Tactics

Episode 7: Applying Transactional Strategies

Episode 8: Scenario: The Food Case

Episode 9: Intro to Win-Win Negotiation

Episode 10: Preparing for Win-Win Negotiation

Episode 11: 3 Phases of an Effective Win-Win

Episode 12: Win-Win Negotiation Strategies

Episode 13: Win-Win Negotiation Tactics

Episode 14: Scenario: The MVP Case

Episode 15: Strengthening Relationships

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Negotiation Strategies and Techniques for Sales Situations

A few key moments in a sales negotiation can result in significant profit impact. Learn how to plan for negotiations, navigate complex situations, and provide a high level of satisfaction to your customers and your company. Negotiation Quotient improves revenue and bottom-line profit while maintaining trust and satisfaction among your customers.


Always virtual. No full-day boot camps.

Negotiation Quotient is delivered through a series of television-style video episodes accompanied by interactive activities and discussion points. Offered in two versions, tactical negotiation fundamentals is presented in Negotiation Quotient 1.0 and win-win negotiation in 2.0. One or both may apply to your specific sales situations.

Negotiation Quotient 1.0

Tactical & Competitive Negotiation

Understand pressure, set targets and expectations, recognize and counter tactics, and concede strategically.

Negotiation Quotient 2.0:

Relationship-Focused Negotiation

Employ advanced strategies and tactics, prepare for complex negotiations, and achieve win-win outcomes.


For Individuals

Negotiation Quotient 1.0


Negotiation Quotient 2.0


For Teams & Companies

Whether you have a small group or a large enterprise sales team, the Modern Sales Foundations family of courses are designed to provide you a highly-effective training experience that is repeatable and scalable.

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