Negotiation Skills & Techniques

Strategies to Maximize Outcomes

Negotiation Quotient teaches the strategies and techniques to achieve better outcomes in negotiation. Recognize and respond to buyer tactics. Preserve price points and margin. Create win-win outcomes while maximizing satisfaction.

Defend Against Price Pressure

Recognize and counter the negotiation tactics that buyers commonly use.

16.8% Reduction in Discounts

Electrical Equipment

Preserve Your Profitability

Set targets and concede strategically to maximize revenue and maintain margin.

1.2% Increase in Gross Margin

Electrical Equipment

Trusted by Industry-Leading Sales Teams


Key Concepts & Topics:

Who It’s For:

Client Success Story:
Womack Machine Supply

Womack’s sales team needed to effectively negotiate with customers to maintain margins during times with steady cost increases. As a reinforcement to its strategic pricing goals, Womack saw the opportunity to deploy negotiation skills training.

“We have sales goals, but for me, it’s the salesperson satisfaction from the training and real-world implementation in the field that counts.

Very rarely do you get such good reviews in sales training where sellers feel like they can use the content. That’s what makes the training worthwhile."


You’ll experience a series of engaging video episodes accompanied by interactive activities and discussion points. Offered in two versions, tactical negotiation fundamentals are presented in Negotiation Quotient 1.0 and win-win negotiation in 2.0. One or both may apply to your specific sales situations.

Negotiation Quotient 1.0

Tactical & Competitive Negotiation
13 Episodes | 3.5-Hour Runtime

Negotiation Quotient 2.0

Relationship-Focused Negotiation
15 Episodes | 4.5-Hour Runtime


Negotiation Quotient helps sales teams like yours leverage negotiation strategies and tactics to achieve better, more profitable outcomes.

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