Courses for Individual Purchase

Want to invest in your own skill development and accelerate your journey to being a top performer? Modern Sales Foundations courses are now available for purchase by individuals. Learn the same powerful strategies that have helped thousands of sellers hit their numbers and master every customer conversation.

Select a course below to get started.


Modern Sales Foundations

End-to-end sales methodology that covers core selling skills, prospecting, opportunity management, and strategic account management.

26 modules | 13-hour runtime


Modern Sales Prospecting

Focused program that teaches core selling skills and mindsets as well as modern prospecting strategies.

13 modules | 6-hour runtime


Sales Coaching Excellence

Complete coaching system that teaches sales managers developmental coaching frameworks and skills to improve their reps' performance.

8 modules | 3-hour runtime


Negotiation Quotient 1.0

Fundamental negotiation strategies that help sellers defend against buyer tactics to preserve price points and margin.

13 modules | 4-hour runtime


Negotiation Quotient 2.0

Advanced negotiation strategies for relationship-based negotiation, teaching both transactional and win-win approaches.

15 modules | 4.5-hour runtime


Relationship Quotient 1.0

The fundamental mindsets and strategies needed to build stronger relationships in today's business world.

7 modules | 2-hour runtime


Relationship Quotient 2.0

Strategies and strategic playbooks to help you elevate your most valuable business relationships.

9 modules | 3-hour runtime


Personality Quotient 1.0

Techniques for reading and reaching others based on the four basic personality temperaments.

8 modules | 3-hour runtime


Personality Quotient 2.0

Strategies to help you better connect with others based on the sixteen MBTI personality types.

12 modules | 3.5-hour runtime

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