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How Well Are You Connecting With Your Buyers?

Tailoring communication and messaging to each individual buyer separates top sellers from the rest. Personality Quotient (PQ) teaches sellers and other business professionals to read personality types based on a number of cues, then to adapt communication accordingly. Understand what makes your buyer tick, then set yourself apart with a personalized approach.


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Episode 1: Introducing PQ1

Episode 2: The Four Temperaments

Episode 3: Reading SJs

Episode 4: Reading SPs

Episode 5: Reading NFs

Episode 6: Reading NTs

Episode 7: Reaching Temperaments

Episode 8: Applying PQ1

Episode 1: When Temperament Isn’t Enough

Episode 2: Personality Dualities

Episode 3: Introversion vs. Extroversion

Episode 4: Reading Extroverts vs. Introverts

Episode 5: Reading Lifestyle and Reaching Extroverts & Introverts

Episode 6: Sensing vs. Intuition

Episode 7: Reading Lifestyle and Reaching Sensors & Introverts

Episode 8: Thinking vs. Feeling

Episode 9: Reading Lifestyle and Reaching Thinking & Feelers

Episode 10: Judging vs. Perceiving

Episode 11: Reading Lifestyle and Reaching Judgers & Perceivers

Episode 12: Wrapping Up, Case Studies, & Final Assessment

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Tailored Communication is a Superpower in Business

Buyers demand sellers to be excellent communicators and to understand them and their business. The strategies and approaches taught in Personality Quotient allow sellers and other business professionals to connect on a deeper level and build stronger relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners.


Always virtual. No full-day boot camps.

Personality Quotient is delivered through a series of television-style video episodes. The course is offered in two parts, with PQ 1.0 presenting a simple, easy-to-apply personality framework and PQ 2.0 filling in with more detail.

Personality Quotient 1.0

The Four Temperaments

Learn the fundamentals needed to develop a modern, value-delivering business relationship.

Personality Quotient 2.0:

The Sixteen Personality Types

Learn advanced skills for tailoring communication with each of the sixteen personality types


For Individuals

Personality Quotient 1.0


Personality Quotient 2.0


For Teams & Companies

Whether you have a small group or a large enterprise sales team, the Modern Sales Foundations family of courses are designed to provide you a highly-effective training experience that is repeatable and scalable.

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