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Are your coaching efforts getting through to your sales team?

A great sales coach helps sellers fine-tune their skills and close the gaps that prevent individual sellers from reaching their potential. Sales Coaching Excellence gives you a complete set of frameworks and techniques to do just that. Target the most important coaching opportunities. Determine root causes of performance issues. Build and execute coaching plans that enable your team to reach its potential.


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Introduction to Sales Coaching Excellence:

In this program overview module, co-hosts Mike and Milly share objectives, definitions, results delivered through coaching, and the content you’ll learn throughout the course. You’ll also meet the fictional AirCo Solutions sales team, who demonstrate the concepts you learn and offer real-world perspectives throughout the course.

Using Sales Analytics to Determine Where to Spend Your Coaching Time:

Learn about sales process and sales methodology, leading and lagging indicators, and explore ways to use analytics to pinpoint where to spend your valuable time supporting your sellers and get the greatest ROI for your efforts.

Using ROAM to Analyze What to Coach & Benchmark Against:

Understand the ROAM performance analysis model to further refine where to spend time with your sellers and determine where they are and aren’t using best practices.

Using Performance Analysis to Determine the Best Solution:

Use the Solutions Chart to aid in selecting the right solution for your situation and explore options for sourcing the best solution content. Understand the difference between training and coaching, and when each are appropriate.

Conducting Field Training – Tell/Show/Do Review:

Explore the Field Training Model, with a focus on when it will work, how to use it, and the power of the Understanding Check to foster accountability and remove excuses for non-performance.

How to Conduct Sales Coaching – Engage/Practice/ Do/Review:

Explore the Sales Coaching Model, with a focus on when it will work, how to use it, and the power of the Understanding Check to foster accountability and remove excuses for nonperformance.

Leading Individual Coaching Sessions – The SLED Model:

Learn the SLED model and how to lead individual coaching sessions, where you apply the Field Training or Sales Coaching Models.

Implementing a Cadence of Coaching:

Learn how the Sales Coaching Framework, The Sales Management System and its Operating System can support your organization in creating a cadence and a culture of coaching.

Key Concepts & Topics:

Who It’s For:

Take Your Sales Coaching to the Next Level

Training one seller can offer significant improvement for that individual, but a manager with great coaching skills can elevate the performance of the entire team. Learn how to refine your reps’ selling skills, support adoption of key company strategies, and help your team make the most of every customer interaction.


Always virtual. No full-day boot camps.

Sales Coaching Excellence combines television-style video episodes, self-paced activities, and interactive virtual workshops to deliver a complete learning experience for sales managers.


For Individual Managers


For Teams & Companies

Whether you have a small group or a large enterprise sales team, the Modern Sales Foundations family of courses are designed to provide you a highly-effective training experience that is repeatable and scalable.

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