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Are Your Customer Relationships Competitor-Proof?

Strong business relationships don’t happen by accident, and require more than charisma and common ground. Relationship Quotient (RQ®) teaches proven processes and easy-to-apply frameworks that enable sales professionals to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues from the first interaction.


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Episode 1: Business Relationship Fundamentals

Episode 2: Applying Relationship Strategies

Episode 3: Differentiating from the Competition

Episode 4: Establishing Credibility, Integrity, and Authenticity

Episode 5: Uncovering Goals, Passions, and Struggles

Episode 6: Creating Differentiating Value

Episode 7: Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Episode 1: Elevating Business Relationships

Episode 2: Following a Process

Episode 3: Defining a Goal

Episode 4: Prioritizing Relationships

Episode 5: Building a Relational Strategy

Episode 6: Developing the Relationship

Episode 7: Elevating from Acquaintance to Peer

Episode 8: Elevating from Peer to Advisor

Episode 9: Applying the Relational Action Plan

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The Playbook for Maximizing Every Business Relationship

The ability to build strong relationships is critical in today’s competitive market, where buyers have more options and information at their fingertips. Add more value and deliver a better experience to cut through the noise and establish yourself as the go-to partner for your customers. The strategies and approaches taught in Relationship Quotient provide a practical, easy-to-apply playbook to elevate your business relationships and yourself as a trusted advisor.


Always virtual. No full-day boot camps.

Relationship Quotient is delivered through a series of television-style video episodes with interactive application activities (in RQ® 2.0). The program is offered in two parts, with foundational concepts presented in Relationship Quotient 1.0 and tactical planning presented in 2.0.

Relationship Quotient 1.0

Relationship Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals needed to develop a modern, value-delivering business relationship.

Relationship Quotient 2.0:

Elevating Business Relationships

Strategically develop your most important professional relationships. RQ® 1.0 is highly recommended prior to taking 2.0.


For Individuals

Relationship Quotient 1.0


Relationship Quotient 2.0


For Teams & Companies

Whether you have a small group or a large enterprise sales team, the Modern Sales Foundations family of courses are designed to provide you a highly-effective training experience that is repeatable and scalable.

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