Livingston & Haven is pleased to provide you with exclusive access to a selection of modules from the Modern Sales Foundations program. L&H has worked hard to implement this high-impact sales methodology in recent years and has seen impressive revenue growth as a result.

Modern Sales Foundations teaches sales strategies designed to help you better connect, understand, and solve problems for your buyers. Each module explores a key topic in the sales process and provides proven frameworks for improving execution in that area.

As a trusted and valued supplier partner, L&H has arranged for you to access specific modules that can help you align your sales approach with theirs so you can effectively grow revenue together. This is available at no charge to you, when you use the coupon code provided to you by your Livingston & Haven contact.

You’ll have access to 10 separate modules, each providing 30 minutes of video, reference documents, and interactive worksheets.

Sign up below with the coupon code provided to you by Livingston & Haven.

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