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Mastering the Buyer’s Journey: The Art of Closing

Success in sales may be measured by closed business, but that doesn’t mean closing is a critical skill. It’s more about mastering every step along the buyer’s journey. Understanding the nuances of each stage, from introduction to purchase decision, can unlock more successful sales outcomes. 

In this clip from Modern Sales Foundations, we explore how a well-executed sales process – not a trick, technique, or tactic – is the cornerstone behind every successful closed sale.

Gaining Interim Commitments

A buyer’s commitment to purchase doesn’t appear out of nowhere; it’s the last of a series of commitments gained through a well-navigated sales process.

Here’s how to move buyers forward at each stage:

  • Understand and Align: Get inside your buyer’s head. Ask questions to identify and understand what they need to move forward at each stage.
  • Collaborate and Confirm: Review the buyer’s needs at each stage and confirm that you’ve provided the right information to meet those needs.
  • Propose and Proceed: You’re in this together. Suggest the next steps collaboratively and ensure your buyer is on board. Address any concerns head-on to keep that momentum rolling.

Modern buyers are selective – they’ll only bite if they are confident your solution helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

Building this trust and confidence throughout the buying process paves the way for successful outcomes and winning the business.

Stay tuned for more insights on refining your sales techniques to align with the modern buyer’s journey.

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