Building a Value Story: Crafting Messages That Resonate

In the world of sales, success comes from conveying value, not just selling a product. This edition focuses on building a value story that highlights your solution’s impact and relevance to your buyer’s needs.

Watch as we analyze a failed product pitch to understand common mistakes. Learn why simply pitching products often leads to unsuccessful outcomes and how shifting to a value story can make all the difference.

Strike the Right POSE

Use the POSE framework (Problem, Outcome, Solution, Explore) to create a compelling value story. Start by sharing a Problem that buyers commonly face, highlight the Outcome, briefly explain the Solution, and invite the buyer to Explore further.

By applying these strategies, you ensure that your value story isn’t just heard — it’s felt and acted upon.

In our sales conversations, the goal isn’t to boast about features or benefits but to weave a story where the buyer is the hero, and your solution is their trusted tool. As we continue to explore the buyer’s journey, let’s focus on shaping discussions that are not just informative but transformative.

Stay tuned for more insights to align your sales approach with the evolving buyer’s journey.

Modern Sales Foundations

Use a buyer-centric approach to improve sales results.

What it takes for salespeople to deliver value has changed significantly as the modern buying process has evolved. Modern Sales Foundations™ (MSF) is an end-to-end sales training program that teaches sellers the buyer-centric strategies and approaches needed to excel in today’s marketplace.

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