Welcome to the MSF Preview

Welcome to Modern Sales Foundations (MSF)!

MSF is an online sales training program that you experience through entertaining video episodes. MSF is built for today’s complex sales situations and teaches you buyer-centric selling approaches that help you stand out and engage today’s buyers more effectively.

In this preview, you’ll have access to the entire MSF kit for three modules, which includes all of the components detailed below.


Each module revolves around a 15-20 minute episode, which teaches and demonstrates the key skills for that module’s topic. 

Every episode combines the MSF Studio Show (co-hosted by Marc and Milly) with scenes of the AirCo Solutions sales team and their buyers. You’ll follow this fictional company as they learn about buyer-centric selling and see them apply core concepts and demonstrate skills in realistic prospect and customer situations to show what works, and sometimes what doesn’t.

After Shows 

You’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper into the core concepts and models by watching the After Show following each episode. 

The After Show is a lively discussion hosted by Jason Levinson and featuring MSF co-creators Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt who reinforce critical points and adds additional insights to help you apply the concepts from the program. 

Keep an eye out for special guests and be prepared for a few laughs as well. 

Show Notes 

To help you remember and use what you’ve learned, you will receive Show Notes. These are visual, easy-to-use documents that summarize the key concepts of each module. 

You can review the Show Notes after completing a module and even refer to them as you prepare for prospect and customer meetings. 

Feel free to download your own copies and keep them wherever you need them.


Many of the concepts require some planning and preparation before putting them into action with your buyers or customers.

For this reason, we’ve included interactive worksheets that allow you to apply the key concepts to your own everyday prospect or customer situations. 

Complete these worksheets in your browser or save a blank copy on your own device. You can save versions for as many instances as you’d like. 

Let’s Get Started!

What are you waiting for? Go get started with the Introduction episode. 

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