Course Completion Summary

See an overview of all of your users' progress in a specific course.


How to

This will automatically add the users in the selected group to additional courses via the Group Management Tab.

  • Under Group Courses select Add Courses Button
  • Choose additional courses to purchase from product list
  • Select Add to Cart
  • Complete purchase

Add additional seats to include new team members into your existing groups via the Group Management Tab.

  • Under Enrolled users select Add seats Button
  • Enter in quantity of seats you wish to purchase
  • Complete purchase

Assign open seats to new or current users via the Group Management Tab.

  • Under Enrolled users select Users Button
  • Add single or multiple users by selecting the appropriate option from list.
  • To register and enroll users automatically: Select “Add and invite user.” This allows you to create a password or have an automatically generated password sent to the user.
  • To provide an enrollment key for users: Select “Send enrollment key.” This requires each user to create their own profile and enter the enrollment key manually via a provided link.

Assign new or current users to Group Leader Role via the Group Management Tab. Group Leaders have access to Groups Menu options and can see and progress of users within their group.

  • Under Group leaders select Add group leader Button
  • Enter first name, last name and email of user. If they are already a user, their access will be upgraded. If they are not currently a user, they will receive an email to complete their signup.

From Course Completion Summary Tab: 

  • Select Group
  • Select Course
  • View all users or search by specific user

From the Group Management Tab:

  • Click on Status column of the specific user

From the Individual User Progress Tab:

  • Search by user ID, name, email address or key
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