Not every prospect is ready to buy right away. That’s why nurturing is key in today’s B2B sales environment. Identifying the right moments for engagement can change the entire trajectory of your sales journey. Strategic nurturing ensures that we become the go-to option for prospects when they’re ready to engage. It’s about being there in …

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Understanding the impact of our solutions through the lens of customer reviews is not just beneficial – it’s downright essential. And don’t confuse customer reviews with customer appreciation! Annual or quarterly customer checkpoints should be more than social gatherings like golf outings or sporting events; they’re strategic touchpoints for showcasing solution impact, securing stakeholder buy-in, …

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Success in sales may be measured by closed business, but that doesn’t mean closing is a critical skill. It’s more about mastering every step along the buyer’s journey. Understanding the nuances of each stage, from introduction to purchase decision, can unlock more successful sales outcomes.  In this clip from Modern Sales Foundations, we explore how …

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Learn how to effectively qualify sales opportunities by understanding your prospect’s buying process, enabling smarter sales decisions.

Today’s informed buyers require a shift from the combative stance of overcoming objections towards a more understanding approach of resolving concerns.

Explore the need for deeply connecting with customers and adapting sales strategies to meet modern buying behaviors in today’s evolving b2b sales landscape.

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