Infographic A 5-Stage Process to Ensure Your Sales Training Sticks This infographic follows a methodical approach to achieve better outcomes from your sales training. Use these five stages to ensure your sales team masters any new skills they’re taught. Download Now

Infographic Are You Really Understanding Your Buyers Download this infographic for a helpful model to effectively communicate with your buyers. Buyers want to work with sellers who understand their business and demonstrate excellent communication skills. The ACC communication model helps sellers acknowledge, clarify and confirm the information shared to deliver what buyers want. Download Now

Infographic Get the FACTs Straight Download this infographic to optimize your discovery meetings. Unclog your sales pipeline and accelerate deals by qualifying opportunities using the FACT framework, which stands for Funding, Alternatives, Committee, and Timing. See what these steps entail and how to easily apply them in your process. Download Now

Infographic How to Build Enough Value for Your Buyers Establishing Awareness, generating Interest, and building a Relationship (AIR) are three essential components to generating opportunities as a buyer-centric seller. Think about a sales opportunity you have and consider keeping “AIR” in mind to accelerate the deal. Download Now

Infographic Should You Train, Coach, or Provide Feedback? Download this free infographic to properly develop the skills of your sellers and improve their performance. Determining when it’s best to train, coach or provide feedback also improves your communication with your sales team. Win-win! Download Now

Infographic Spaced Learning: The Key to Sales Training Retention Download this infographic to understand the concept of “spaced learning” and apply this technique to your sales training. Learn why it’s essential to present sellers with bite-sized “chunks” of information over time to ensure they retain new knowledge. Download Now

Cheat Sheet Shift to Buyer-Centric Selling Sell the way modern buyers want to buy. Apply these buyer-centric approaches to truly understand buyer needs, personalize your messaging, and manage the process based on what decision-makers value. Download Now

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